Today In Music, February 4th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 4th February):


1941. John Steel (The Animals) born in Gateshead, Northumberland.

On Tour

1973. Roland Petit and Ballets de Marseille with “Pink Floyd Ballet” are at Palais des Sports de la Porte de Versailles, Paris, France (two shows each night). This was the last of eight nights at the Palais des Sports. On four, the ballet was staged to recordings of Pink Floyd and on the other four, the band provided live accompaniment for the ballet. Tonight, as was the case yesterday, Pink Floyd are playing live. 

In Court

1995. Da Lench Mob rapper J-Dee (real name Dasean Cooper) is sentenced to 25 years in jail for murder and 4 additional years for firearms offences by a court in Los Angeles. The charges stemmed from an incident in April 1993 when J-Dee and his girlfiend were attending a house party in Inglewood, California. The rapper is said to have left with his girlfriend and, after collecting a gun, returned and shot her flatmate, Scott “Pearl” Charles, outside the party five times. After the verdict, the rapper’s lawyers and writers for the black press said the sentence was excessive and it had been unfair that J-Dee had been tried by an all-white jury.

In Secret

1972. US Senator Strom Thurmond sends a secret memo to US Attorney General John Mitchell, urging that John Lennon be deported from the United States as an undesirable alien due to his political views and activism.

On Television

1972. The Partridge Family (U.S.A.) with an episode entitled, “My Heart Belongs To A Two-Car Garage”. The Partridges awake one morning to find a visitor, Nicholas Pushkin (a.k.a. Pushkin The Magnificent), has decided to adopt them. Puskin, a jobbing chef, carpenter and artist breaks as much as he fixes. While his hosts are away at a concert, he decides to paint their garage door. Trouble is, he paints a large portrait of a scantily clad woman, much to everyone’s embarrasment. The local museum hear about it, and recognizing the work of a reknowned artist pay a great deal of money for it. The family get a new garage door, Pushkin get a vacation and everyone lives happily ever after.


1983. Karen Carpenter (The Carpenters) dies aged 32 at Downey Community Hospital in California. She was taken ill at her parents’ home in the morning and after suffering cardiac arrest, was rushed to hospital. The heart attack which killed her was brought on by Anorexia Nervosa.


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