Today In Music, February 3rd

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday 3rd February):


1947. Dave Davies (The Kinks) born David Russell Gordon Davies in London, England.

On Tour

1995. Kiss return to Australia after 15-year absence. First ever “official” Kiss Convention takes place at Hyatt Hotel in Perth, WA. Highlighs of the tour include a live performance of “Shandi” in Perth.

In Custody
2003. At 5 a.m., Phil Spector‘s chauffeur hears a single gunshot come from his boss’ mansion. Shortly afterwards, he sees the legendary record producer walk out with a gun in his hand, saying, “I think I just shot her”. Not long after, Spector is arrested for the murder of actress Lana Charkson.

In Hospital

1999. Country singer Trace Adkins breaks his ankle, dislocates it and rips several tendons when his truck gets stuck in mud. Adkins, gets out to give the vehicle a push but his foot gets caught in a pot-hole and the damage is done.

On Television

2003. “Living With Michael Jackson” (U.K.). Despite being made with the singer’s full co-operation, Martin Bashir’s documentary shows Jackson openly talking about sharing his bed with young children. Jackson will later brand the programme a “gross distortion of the truth”.


1959. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper die when their plane crashes shortly after taking off from Mason City, Iowa. Here’s Buddy’s death certificate: 
Today also sees a number of other deaths in music. In 1967, Joe Meek, the legendary producer shoots the landlady of his studio in London and then turns the gun on himself. 1973 – Max Yasgur dies from a heart attack. 1982 – Alex Harvey also succumbs to a heart attack. 

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