Today In Music, January 29th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Tuesday 29th January):


1944. One time Rolling Stones manager and Immediate label boss, Andrew Loog Oldham born.

On Stage

1998. Paul Simon‘s first musical, “The Capeman” premieres on Broadway in New York. It’s the story of 16 year old Salvadore Agron who stabbed two other kids in 1959 in Hell’s Kitchen, only blocks away from the theatre. About 60 protestors from Parents Of Murdered Children stage a demonstration outside the theatre urging people to boycott the show.

In Court

1986. At the end of a High Court case lasting more than six months, Elton John and Bernie Taupin are awarded £ 5 million in back royalty payments from Dick James Music. Although the court found in their favour for that aspect of the case, their allegation that their 1967 contracts were unfair and signed under “undue influence” was not upheld.

On The Road

1982. Gary Numan runs out of fuel in his Cessna Centurion aircraft and makes a crash landing on the A 3051 road at Botley near Southampton. The 23 year old singer and three passengers, including his father, escaped injury. They were flying back to Eastleigh Airport after attending the MIDEM convention in Cannes, France but ran into trouble with only miles to go. Numan decided to ditch in a field but overshot and, in avoiding a cottage, ended up on the road. Cars were forced to brake to avoid an accident but no-one was hurt.

On Television

1983. Sight and Sound In Concert (U.K.) – UB. 40.


1992. Blues legend Willie Dixon dies of a heart attack in Burbank, California.

Daily Babble

Late getting the blog online today. Spent most of the time trying to sift through the wreckage of a hard drive for my most up-to-date version of The Rockmine Almanac. I had been building it on my Mac Mini until the hard drive died back in July. Even now, I’m managing to rescue files from it. The good news is that I found a spreadsheet of events that I’d mislaid – with 59,000 entries on it!
I’m also trying to get my spreadsheet of TV listings up to date. Due to some compatibility problem, large entries in fields have been turned to strange symbols and the original data seems to be lost. Thankfully, everything is backed up to text files but I’ll still need to take every text file and add them all to a new spreadsheet. The last one had 10,498 listings (excluding Top Of The Pops). It will be intriguing to see how large it is when it’s fully compiled.
The other day, I managed to find a pic of John Lennon’s Austin Maxi after it had been taken to Tittenhurst Park. It was on an Austin Rover site but the owner didn’t know where the image had come from. As a result, I thought I’d drop it in to the page on my site about John and the Lawson Memorial Hospital autograph. It adds to the confusion a bit though. There are stories that the car was set on a plinth in the gardens and also that it was crushed. This is either pre both events or there’s no substance to either story.

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