Today In Music, January 28th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 28th January):


1945. Robert Wyatt born in Bristol, England.

On Tour

1968. The Small Faces, The Who and singer Paul Jones are thrown off a plane travelling from Adelaide to Sydney. The pilot radios ahead to Melbourne where he makes an unscheduled stop to decant the pop stars who are met by police. An airline official said the groups had been drinking, abused a passenger and reduced at least one hostess to tears. The stars and their entourage – 19 in total – were delayed three hours before being allowed to continue their journey accompanied by security men. Paul Jones said the trouble had started because they had been ignored while other passengers were being served by hostesses. He went on to say that he had been called a “scruffy little man” by one and insisted he saw no signs of any damage.

In Court

1968. Unaware of her husband’s problems on the other side of the world, Roger Daltrey‘s wife Jacqueline sues for divorce. Up to this point, fans were unaware that he had been married for four years with a three year old son.

In Hospital

1984. Michael Jackson leaves the Brotman Memorial Hospital after treatment for his scalp burns. Media coverage of his accident boosts sales of “Thriller” by 700,000 in a few weeks, a remarkable feat for a 13 month old album. Aides to the mega-star announce they will make a film of the accident available to dispell any rumours surrounding it.

On Television

1956. Elvis Presley makes his national television debut on the Dorsey Brothers’ “Stage Show” presented by Jackie Gleason on CBS. CBS are inundated with phone calls and letters about the performance during which Gleason describes Elvis as “behaving like a sex maniac”.


1983. Billy Fury is found unconscious at his home in London’s St. John’s Wood by his girlfriend, Lisa and his manager, Tony Reid. He is taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in West London but dies from a heart attack soon after.

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