Today In Music, January 24th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Thursday 24th January):


1947. Warren Zevon born in Chicago, Illinois.

On Tour

1982. UFO‘s tour date for tonight should have been Cardiff’s Sophia Gardens but was changed to the city’s Top Rank after the roof of Sophia Gardens collapsed under the weight of snow two weeks ago.

In Court

1979. Mick Jagger wins a possession order, for his gardener’s cottage, at the High Court in London. Mick has been trying to sell his estate at Newbury, Berkshire, for £ 200,000 but has been unable to finalise it as the gardener, Raymond White, has refused to move out. The sale will now go ahead although the singer has said he will not enforce the order for 28 days.

Meanwhile, in a Los Angeles court, a judge rules that Mick is the father of an 8 year old girl born to actress Marsha Hunt. The ruling is heard in a closed hearing attended only by lawyers acting for the parties involved. Details of the settlement for child support will not be released.

In Hospital

2002. Freddy Fender (real name Baldemar Huerta) undergoes a kidney transplant at University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. The 64 year old singer/songwriter has diabetes, which could be the cause of the kidney failure. The kidney used in the two hour procedure was donated by Fender’s 21 year old daughter Marla Huerta Garcia who had it removed earlier in the day. Fender is expected to remain in hospital for up to a week. His daughter will be released in a day or two.

On Television

Top Of The Pops (U.K.) – Presented by Jimmy Saville featuring Andy Williams – Solitaire; Golden Earring – Radar Love; Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes – The Love I Lost (Pan’s People dance to the disc); Lulu – The Man Who Sold The World; Medicine Head – Slip & Slide; Mud – Tiger Feet; Stevie Wonder – Livin’ For The City (Pan’s People dance to the disc); Suzi Quatro – Devil Gate Drive; The Stylistics – Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby (Pan’s People dance to the disc); The Sweet – Teenage Rampage. 

On The Strip

1980. A billboard is erected on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles to promote Pink Floyd‘s “The Wall”. Every day workmen add another brick until the wall is complete.


1986. George McCrae (“Rock Your Baby”) dies of cancer.

Daily Babble
After weeks of promising myself I’d update the John Lennon Lawson Memorial Autograph page on my site, I finally got it done last night. I’ve covered the event in far more detail so even if you’re not interested in buying it, check it out for the full story.  
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