Today In Music, January 22nd

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Tuesday 22nd January):


1931. Sam(uel) Cooke born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He was one of eight children born to Rev. Charles Cook and his wife, Annie Mae.

On Tour

1982. Tonight’s Last Resort gig at Kings Lynn’s Regis Rooms is called off at the last minute due to equipment failure. This doesn’t please a busload of their skinhead fans from London who look for something else to do. They decide on a visit to the local Stanley Arms which ends with one local youth being stabbed in the stomach. Police round all the skinheads up onto their bus and arrest the lot of them although no-one is charged with any offence. Publican Michael Mularky said the skins charged into his pub wielding milk bottles but they claim they were provoked by local “soul-boys”. The stabbed youth, who isn’t named is later described as “comfortable” in hospital.

In Court

1973. A lawsuit is filed in Manhattan Supreme Court against John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Brought by Northern Songs Ltd and Maclen Music Ltd it seeks $ 1 million in damages claiming that Lennon violated a 1965 agreement in which both companies were granted exclusive rights to his compositions. The suit specifically refers to recent collaborations between John and Yoko and seeks one half ownership of the copyright of each work. It also cites Yoko and Lennon’s manager, Allen Klein, as having “unlawfully induced John to violate the February 1965 agreement”.

On The Race Track

1994. Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is horrified as his racehorse, Joe Gillis, drops dead on the racetrack. It’s the third of his thoroughbreds to die on a course within the last year.

On Television

1967. The Rolling Stones appear on “Sunday Night At The London Palladium” (U.K.) to plug their latest single. After miming to “Let’s Spend The Night Together”, they refuse to join the rest of the performers on the revolving stage. This simple act is taken as an insult and the band are vilified in tomorrow’s papers.


1997. Late in the evening, Billy Mackenzie (The Associates) is found dead in a shed close to the kennels where he kept his prize-winning whippet dogs at Auchterhouse, near Dundee in Scotland. He had hung himself.

Beyond The Grave

1998. Michael Hutchence‘s father, Kell, and brother, Rhett, scatter one-third of the singer’s ashes from a boat in Sydney Harbour. The remaining two thirds have been split equally between Michael’s mother Patricia Glassop and lover Paula Yates after a bitter dispute over who should have his remains.

Daily Babble

Hopefully, today will be a bit more sedate than yesterday. I had a TV interview in the afternoon for Scottish Television’s “North Tonight” about my sale of the John Lennon Lawson Memorial Hospital autograph. It had gathered some press coverage on Sunday with “The Mail On Sunday” carrying the story linked to Yoko refusing to give the rights for Lennon’s music to be used in a film about John in Scotland and their car crash. at least one other paper covered it then and others picked up on it yesterday.
Got a great phone call this morning from a woman whose mother-in-law was a waitress in a tearoom in Tongue. She served the Lennons and got a postcard of the village signed by both John and Yoko. It was as they were driving away from that tearoom towards Durness that John crashed the car. Another small piece in the jigsaw!

Now Playing

Magna Carta – “Lord Of The Ages” (1973)
One of my favourite albums of the early 70s. A progressive folk-rock classic. There was a wonderful time back then when you could go into a record shop and often pick your album just based on the cover. You knew a Roger Dean album cover was going to be wrapped around something interesting. This was no exception.
The first two tracks are the epitome of perfect English folk-rock and give no hint that you’re about to be hit with a 10 minute prog rock masterpiece in the title track. Then without warning we’re back to beautifully crafted folk-rock with no recognition of the fact they’ve just had a total prog freak-out! Lightweight, even humourous at times the rest of the album is a let-down despite being delightfully listenable. As background when writing the blog, it’s ideal. Gentle, carefully crafted almost easy-listening but with huge depth. If I was still 16, track 3 would be on a permanent loop!

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