Today In Music, January 19th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Saturday 19th January):


1943. Janis Lyn Joplin born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Port Arthur, Texas.

On Tour

1981. Police are called to a bar in Milwaukee where The Plasmatics are playing. They find Wendy O’WIlliams onstage fondling herself while simulating masturbation with a sledgehammer. She is arrested for “Conduct Prohibited on Licensed Premises”. When she takes exception to having her set disrupted, they add “Resisting Arrest” and “Battery”. The picture above shows her police “mug shots”. Note the black eye and bulbous nose which resulted from her resisting arrest.

In Court

1971. In the High Court in London, solicitors acting on behalf of Paul McCartney apply for temporary appointment of a receiver to oversee the affairs of The Beatles partnership. The hearing is adjourned for a month to allow monies due to the Beatles to be lodged in a solicitors account and a full disclosure of their accounts to be made.

In Hospital

1985. Meatloaf collapses on stage at Newcastle City Hall. He is taken by ambulance to the city’s Royal Victoria Hospital where he undergoes a 30 minute examination in the casualty department. Tour manager Robbie Johnstone later said, “Meatloaf collapsed onstage due to food poisoning contracted the previous evening, leaving his system completely dehydrated”.

On Television

2004. “Never Mind The Buzzcocks” (U.K.) with panelists Alastair Griffin, Carole Decker (T’Pau), Tony Wilson and Jimmy Carr.


1998. Carl Perkins dies in the Jackson-Madison County General Hospital in Nashville where he had been receiving treatment following three strokes in November and December. He was 65.

Now Playing
Carol Of Harvest – “Carol Of Harvest” (1978) 
At a time when progressive rock had lost its way in the U.K., this classic from Germany came along and reminded us what it was all about. Big themes, beautiful melodies, stirring but understated guitars, great keyboards and a female lead vocalist. What’s not to love? The opening track, “Put On Your Nightcap” is a 16 minute masterclass in prog. Okay, it does sound dated by modern standards but what’s wrong with that?
This is an album of pure nostalgia for an innocence that we’ve lost, a time machine that takes me back more than 30 years. I can hear so many of the styles and sounds I loved, it’s total pleasure. I’m going to forget writing this and just soak up the music…..

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