Today In Music, January 18th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Friday 18th January):


1944. “Legs” Larry Smith (The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band) born in Oxford, England.

On Tour

1991. Two teenagers die when they’re crushed in a rush to the stage at an AC/DC concert at Salt Lake Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. Another dies some time later when her parents request that her life support machine is turned off

In Court

1980. 18 year old electrician, Jonathan Walters, appears before magistrates in Fleetwood, Lancashire after creating the ultimate home disco. Unfortunately for pedestrians in Blackpool, this involved the theft of three sets of traffic lights from pelican crossings on the city by-pass. The lights were wired to Walter’s stereo and augmented by the addition of 36 feet of tube lighting stolen from Blackpool illuminations. The court was told that despite several near-misses involving children crossing the by-pass, no-one had yet been injured. Walters was ordered to pay £ 175 towards the £ 2,000 value of the lights he stole. Sentence was deferred for six months.

On Screen

1998. Despite Courtney Love‘s protests, a secret screening of the film “Kurt And Courtney” is arranged for midnight at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The publicity Love created ensured that it was packed by 150 film executives, critics and stars. Two sheriff’s deputies are even called in to control the crwod who don’t like being kept waiting in the cold.

On Television

1992. “Saturday Night Live” (U.S.A.) – Robbie Robertson, Bruce Hornsby.


1990. Mel Appleby (Mel And Kim) dies in London’s Cromwell Hospital. Although she had struggled for five years against a rare form of spinal cancer, she died from pneumonia which developed after she caught the common cold.

Now Playing
Carissa’s Wierd – “I Before E” (2004)
The last release of this sadcore/indie band shows a maturity that had built up through their previous two albums. It’s an odd mix. Three new studio tracks and nine live versions of previously released tracks.

The songs throughout have a wonderful intimacy and some are hauntingly beautiful. It’s so easy to listen to this. Waves of layered instruments and vocals flow over you. Rhythmic, repetitive cadences contribute to an almost hypnotic allure. Even the faint hum of live amps seems unable to detract from that.

It’s been said that this was the best indie band that no-one ever heard. Do yourself a favour and listen to them.


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