Today In Music, January 14th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Monday 14th January):


1959. Geoff Tate (Queensryche) born in Stuttgart, West Germany.

On Stage

1954. Alan Freed stages his first “Rock & Roll Ball” at the St. Nicholas Arena in New York’s Harlem. Among those appearing are Fats Domino, The Drifters, The Harptones and The Moonglows.

In Court

1970. In the Divorce Court in London, Gene Vincent is ordered to provide details of his financial affairs. He has been separated from his wife, Margaret Ann Craddock since 1964 and claims to have obtained a divorce in Chihuahua, Mexico in August 1965 without her knowledge. She has sued for divorce or a declaration of the validity of the Mexican decree and for maintenance. Vincent had promised to pay his wife £ 20 a week but has never done so. She is now on Social Security payments of £ 9 a week. Solicitors acting for Vincent said the star was now resident in California and would not be able to provide sworn details withing the time limit of 28 days. The judge, Mr. Lloyd Jones said it was now easier to communicate from California than it was from Pembrokeshire and confirmed the deadline.

In Hospital

1987. Frank Sinatra undergoes surgery at the Eisenhower Medical Centre in Palm Springs, California. The operation follows one in November 1986 when an abscess and part of his large intestine were removed. During his recovery, the 71 year old singer will have to wear a special device to remove his bodily waste for the next eight weeks.

On Television

1978. Soul Train (U.S.A.) with performances by Freda Payne, Ronnie Laws and Morris Jefferson.


1992. Jerry Nolan (The New York Dolls) dies of a stroke during treatment for pneumonia and meningitis.

Huge relief today as Google have picked up on the John Lennon autograph I’ve put up on sale via Rockmine. I think it’s one of the most important ever offered for sale in the U.K. as it’s the one I’m aware of that links directly to his 1969 car crash in Scotland.

Now Playing

Jonny Greenwood – “There Will Be Blood” (2007)
The Radiohead guitarist’s second movie soundtrack easily stands on its own as piece of music without visuals. While the album is essentially a modern classical work, it’s a melting pot of various genres. There’s obvious jazz dischord but even the sense of early seventies prog menace in there. I keep hearing snippets of “Larks’ Tongue” period King Crimson! There will be those who are instantly put off listening to any Radiohead offshoot but that would be ill advised. It’s easy to hear that band’s stylistic nuances throughout but they slip up on you and past without causing offence. Now playing is meant to be what I’m listening to as I write the blog, so it’s interesting to hear music that I’m not concentrating totally on. There will be much that evades me but there’s certainly enough here to make me go back and give it more time. Soundtracks are always something I’ve had difficulty with. Sometimes they become so much a part of the movie, it’s impossible to hear them apart from the images. That said, I love the work of Craig Armstrong and Lisa Gerrard although I would compare this more to Rene Aubry, who is better known for ballet music than soundtracks. It will be intriguing to see how Greenwood’s work outside the day job progresses as this shows much promise. 

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