Today In Music, January 13th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Sunday 13th January):


1961. Suggs (Madness) born Graham McPherson in Hastings, Kent.

On Tour

1969. Esther and Abi Ofarim announce they are continuing their tour of West Germany despite receiving a number of death threats. The first threat was given in a telephone warning before the couple’s concert in Nuremberg yesterday but the event passed without incident. Police are taking the matter seriously though and will implement special security arrangements for the concert in Cologne on the 17th.

In Court

1988. Eric Clapton is fined £ 120 and banned from driving for six weeks at Stroud Magistrate’s Court. The 42 year old guitarist admitted speeding on the M5 at Ashchurch near Tewkesbury on September 20th last year when he passed a police car in his Ferrari on his way to a charity cricket match. he was travelling at 111 miles per hour. Despite pursuing him, the police car was unable to catch him but he was later stopped in Cheltenham. On leaving the court he said, “I haven’t worked out yet how I’ll manage. I haven’t got a chauffeur”.

In Business

1965. Constellation Investments, which recently bought a stake in Cliff Richard and Frank Ifield, is floated on the stock market and adds £ 100,000 to its value during its first morning’s trading. As a result of selling three of their private compaanies to the investment trust on a special formula, the two singers will take up shares on a related to profits basis that should see them getting a total of 1,460,000 shares currently valued at 6/10d.

On Television

1968. Beat Club (Germany) with performances by Carla Thomas, Dave Justin, Neil Christian, Billie Davis, Long John Baldry, The Herd, Dave Davies and Procol Harum.


1979. Donny Hathaway falls to his death from a 15th floor window of the Essex Hotel in New York. The 34 year old star hadn’t had much success recently and was said to be having some psychological problems but police could find no evidence that he jumped.

Now Playing

Sons And Daughters – “The Repulsion Box” (2005). Currently being tipped as one of the big bands of 2008, this work of three years ago is full of promise. From the opening bars of “Medicine”, you know this band is out for fun. The mandolin player sounds like he’s so wired on speed he hasn’t slept for weeks and the rest of the band have been dragged along by him to party hard. The manic guitar provides an edgy rasping counterpoint that you want to hear more of.
Throughout this demented mashup of finger-in-your-ear folk and screaming psychobilly, there are elements of The Rezillos, Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie and even that most fleeting of Scottish acts, Turkey Bones And The Wild Dogs scattered liberally throughout. What makes it most intriguing is that these influences are juxtaposed with obvious bows to “Ghost Riders In The Sky”, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” and even, “Bo Diddley”. It does lose momentum but it’s hard to keep up the break-neck pace with which the album starts.  Turn this up as much as loud as you can and I defy you not to want to jump around the room. I would love to have heard the band from this time playing a ceilidh! 

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