Today In Music, January 11th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Friday 11th January):


1942. Clarence Clemons (Bruce Spingsteen’s E Street Band) born in Norfolk, Virginia.

On Stage

1997. Tom Petty‘s show at San Francisco’s Fillmore auditorium is abandoned after an hour and twenty minutes. Two members of the audience set off a pepper spray which causes at least one woman to collapse. Fans in the balcony suffer coughing and choking fits as the cloud of spray rises. Promoters evacuate the building. Some of the audience are treated by paramedics in ambulances outside. The show resumes later after one of the men responsible for the incident is arrested.

In Court

1999. At the end of a Claims Court hearing against the State Of New York, Judge Louis Benza, presiding, rules that Puff Daddy and Heavy D share responsibility with the state for a stampede in 1991 that saw nine people killed. The two rappers had promoted a celebrity basketball game for AIDS charities at the Nat Holman Arena in New York’s City College. The event was over subscribed and hundreds of locked out ticket holders and gatecrashers smashed glass doors to see the event. The crush caused by the stampede left 9 dead and 29 injured. Judge Benza said that concert security, hired by Puffy, mishandled the stampede by funneling it down one stairwell. Had more security staff been provided and standard crowd-control measures followed, the tragedy would have been avoided. The judge’s ruling opens the way for survivors to continue their litigation, this time against the two rappers.

In Hospital

1973. Gary Glitter falls from a 20 foot high stage at Preston’s Guildhall. He’s treated in a local hospital for a dislocated right arm and torn ligaments but continues with his nationwide tour.

On Television

1968. The Julie Felix Show (U.K.) with Pentangle

The Death Of Music

1980. ITN newsreader Reginald Bosanquet announces that he will start recording his first pop single tomorrow. The 51 year old describes his vocal style as a cross between Rex Harrison and Lee Marvin. No release date has yet been announced for the single entitled “Dance With Me”.

Daily Blabber
That which was lost is found – well, sort of. just after midnight I found a file titled, TV Shows Not On Spreadsheets. That had listings for hundreds of British TV shows but still haven’t found the text file I’d started with.
Today I’m going to gather all the almanac files together and back them up and back them up again. At least that’s a weight off my mind. 
I’ll come back later in the day and give you more. I haven’t even got anything playing just now! 

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