Today In Music, January 10th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today (Thursday 10th January):

1943. Jim Croce born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On Stage
1972. Yoko Ono‘s concert at the Alice Tully Hall in New York’s Lincoln Center is thrown into disarray as neither she, nor John Lennon, who accompanies her have obtained work permits for their visit. As a result they’re forced to give their performance from seats in the audience.

In Court

1973. Keith Moon (The Who) is fined £ 15 by magistrates at Chertsey in Surrey for not having a firearms certificate for his shotgun. He asked the chairman of the magistrates, “Do you take American Express?” adding, “I haven’t used cash for years”. Moon had noticed the shotgun was missing and called the police on October 19th to investigate. They found the weapon in a car belonging to Ian Smith, a tractor driver who was allowed to use it within the ground’s of the drummer’s house. Smith was also fined £ 15 for possessing a shotgun without a certificate.

On The Street

1997. James Brown has his star unveiled on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

On Television

1981. Saturday Night Live (U.S.A.) with musical guest Jack Bruce & Friends.


1976. Blues legend Howlin’ Wolf (born Chester Arthur Burnett) dies of cancer at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Hines, Illinois, aged 65.

Yesterday I missed out on updating my blog. I’d gone to my database of TV shows and wanted to drop a British show into Today In Music but couldn’t find one! I’ve spent more than 30 years taping TV shows and have lists of almost everything I’ve ever recorded. Before about 1984, it was only audio but every tape I’ve ever made has an index card and lists transmission dates, artists, tracks played and even timings.
So to go to my completely infallible master list of TV shows and realise I was missing everything from the U.K. was horrifying. I spent all day until about 8pm and then from 10.30 to 2.20 searching every computer and hard drive in the house. AARGHH! I’ve got a permanent whiteboard with listings of all the shows and what date they’re listed until. Unfortunately, the files I did find didn’t match the dates on my whiteboard. 
I’m starting to think that the most up to date TV list went when my Mac Mini died last autumn. I know I lost 19,000+ archived mails. Now I’m trying to think what else may have gone. There’s a large section of that hard drive I’ve never been able to recover but I keep trying every few weeks and do manage to pull stuff off it. 

Now Playing

The Decemberists‘ wonderful album, “The Crane Wife”. I was smitten with the first track on this album the moment I heard it and I’ve grown to love the whole album. An easy disc to sip a glass of wine to and contemplate the lyrics but just as easy to work to, letting the melodies catch you. Uplifting; restful; an album that burrows under your skin and keeps you going back to it. Every time there’s something new pops out at you. Simply one of the best idie albums of the last few years. Just buy it! 

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