Today In Music, January 8th

From the Rockmine Almanac for today:


1935. At approximately 4.30 a.m., Elvis Presley is born in a small wooden shack at 306 Old Saltillo Road, East Tupelo, Mississippi. An older twin brother, Jesse, is still born. Elvis’ birth certificate:
On Tour

1997. New Edition‘s comeback tour runs into problems at the Richmond Coliseum in Virginia. During the opening act a small fire broke out, the lights went dead and smoke billowed out into the auditorium. Initially ten people were treated for smoke inhalation with seven later being taken to hospital where they were described as being in a stable condition.

In Court

1965. Adam Faith and his manager, Maurice Press, are served with a High Court order restraining them from leaving South Africa while they’re seated on a London-bound plane at Johannesburg Airport. The two men are forced to leave the aircraft with only the clothes they are wearing as officials refuse to remove their luggage from the hold. Under the terms of the order, Faith has to provide a guaranteed bond of £ 20,000 or surrender his passport. The order was issued after he cancelled his South African tour when it was realised that he would only be playing to racially segregated audiences. The two men had earlier had a 90-minute meeting with the officials at the Ministry Of The Interior in an effort to reach a compromise but after an unsuccesful conclusion they decided to return home.

In Hospital

1987. A spokesman for the private St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, Australia, announces that the growths removed from Elton John‘s vocal chords on January 6th were not malignant. The singer is making a good recovery but no date has been set for his discharge from hospital.

On Television

1977. Rockpalast (Germany) – Todd Rundgren’s Utopia (from WDR Studio-L, Cologne)


1991. Steve Clark is found dead at home after a booze and drugs binge. His fiancee, Janie Dean, stormed off to bed when he arrived home drunk. She later blames herself for the Def Leppard star’s death.

I’m changing the format of the blog slightly. The Today In Music facts are probably of most interest to people, so I’ve put them at the top. My blog, which I add throughout the day seems less important, so I’m tagging it on after the facts. It does mean that you may well miss something if you don’t pop by later in the day!

Now Playing

Nightingale‘s 2007 album, “White Darkness”. Prog metal, melodic rock, call it what you will – just a totally satisfying album for any lovers of late 70’s prog and rock. 

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